Technology Features Packed in the New Ford Taurus

When you think Ford Taurus and full-size sedan, you may wonder why this is such a popular vehicle. These are two reasons technology features are helping boost the popularity of the Taurus.

Take the new Ford Taurus to the highway and set the Adaptive Cruise Control. What happens is that the system is always scanning far ahead of your car for any vehicles moving slower than your set speed. If a car is detected, the cruise control will gradually bring the car down to the right speed, then resume the set speed once that car has moved on. Another impressive technology feature in the Ford Taurus is the Lane-Keeping System. If you any reason the car drifts over the lane lines, the steering wheel gently vibrates to nudge you to take action and get back under control.

You can come see us at Bell Ford in Arlington, WI and take the Taurus for a test drive anytime.



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